Basketball basic rules

Basketball basic rules: Basketball is a team sport. Each team has 12 payers in their roster and, on-court there will be 5 and other 7 in rotations. The basketball hoop is 10 feet above the ground and the size off the full court is 28 meters long and 15 meters is wide. Basketball rim is […]

Basketball tips to improve your basketball shooting

Top 15 tips to improve your basketball shootings:

Top 15 tips to improve your basketball shootings: 1. Important to have basketball rim sense: To improve your basketball shooting it’s important to know where is rim every time you about to take the shoot. Locating the basketball rim even a slightly before shooting will help to increase your shooting percentage. Develop this habit in […]

Types of Defense in Basketball

Types of Defense in Basketball: Every championship run starts with a great defense stance. To defense on court, communication is a must. Having a floor journal is important in a crucial situation to keep the basketball team together. A typical team has to change its defensive tactics according to the game situation. Mixing up defensive […]

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Basketball Tips to be like a Pro

Basketball tips to become Pro: Know the game: Before starting in basketball, you need to understand the rule and regulations of basketball sport. Having a basic knowledge will help you to move fast from beginners to advance. Warmup your body: Warmup helps your body to get prepare for extreme movements of basketball. Warmup will gradually […]

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Basketball as a team

All the matter in a basketball game is a W. However, individual players can rise up in a tight situation. But generally, when all the players are performing their roles within the team offense and defense and playing within their own physical attributes then we have a team that is playing smart. Team objective to […]