Types of Defense in Basketball

Types of Defense in Basketball:

Every championship run starts with a great defense stance. To defense on court, communication is a must. Having a floor journal is important in a crucial situation to keep the basketball team together. A typical team has to change its defensive tactics according to the game situation. Mixing up defensive tactics is important as having one mindset thought out the game will not work, and opponents sooner or later in-game will find the answer for your defense. It’s important to understand the game from the view point of professional and use there basketball tips to excel.

Here are some defensive tactics to be used in games:

1. Man to man defense: Man to man defense is a straight-up on-face defense. Each defensive player has been assigned an offensive player. Man to man defense is simple and mostly used to stop the scoring. Sound simple right? Multiple offensive Technics like pick and roll, the off-man screen can be used to make offensive player free.

2. Zone Defense: Instead of guarding an offensive player, defensive player guard an area of the floor. Defenders move there positions according to the movement of the ball. Zone defense help to stop ball movement and protect the paint while there is chances of getting shooter open outside the semi-circle.

Types of zone defense:

a. Two-Three zone defense: Two three-zone defense is mostly used to limit the athletic team. Two-three zone defense helps to cut drives and offensive rebound. And, also it covers a three-point arc.

b. Three two-zone defense: Three two defense is used against a team with sharp outside shooting, and it also helps in trapping the defensive player, especially when balls go inside to post player.

c. one-three-one zone defense: 1-3-1 zone defense stops inside penetration of offensive player, and also, it makes passing to inside post player difficult. 1-3-1 have strong mid-floor defense and can be used to set trap defense from the half-court.

3. Full court defense: In full-court defense, the defensive team applied defense pressure entire court before the inbound and outbound pass.

4. Half-court defense: As soon as offensive players cross the half-court, defensive pressure is applied. Generally, to force a turnover and run fast break half-court defensive uses.


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