Basketball tips to improve your basketball shooting

Top 15 tips to improve your basketball shootings:

Top 15 tips to improve your basketball shootings:

1. Important to have basketball rim sense: To improve your basketball shooting it’s important to know where is rim every time you about to take the shoot. Locating the basketball rim even a slightly before shooting will help to increase your shooting percentage. Develop this habit in practice and implement into the basketball game.

2. Always hold your follow-through: Every coach will tell you this even before you start your shooting drills. Idea is to maintain proper basketball shooting form, ball loop, and rotation. It’ll solve tons of your basketball problems.


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Improve your basketball shooting

3. Don’t hang and shoot: Don’t hang and shoot like Kobe. Kobe spent tons of hours to sharpen his skills. To start off, shoot while rising up. Work on your shooting stance and pivot foot. If you’ve perfect stance it will not only help in your shooting but makes the defense respect you. Once they come for closeout, you can dribble-pass them and go for lay-up.

4. Correct your shooting form in practice, not in the game: Don’t worry about your shooting form in the middle of a basketball game. Correcting your shooting form should be done during the practice. “You’ll miss all the shoot, which you won’t take” remember that. Happy Shooting.

5. Make videos: It’s easier to correct your form once you can see by yourself. Ask your friend or teammate to record your shooting practice session. Review it and correct it. Do this exercise at least once in 2 weeks and you’ll see the result.

6. Land forward. Balance is one of the important aspects of basketball shooting. You should land a little front from where you started. Catch basketball ball in the shooting motion, perfect follow-through and balance for high conversion.

7. Shooting partner: Get a shooting partner, without a partner or return machine you can end up chasing your own rebound and exhausted soon. With a shooting partner, you can focus more on your shooting form. Having a shooting partner would be great as you can still be motivated even on your off days.

8. Don’t waste money on shooting gloves and gimmick: Most players use to fall in the trap of shooting gloves and gimmick thinking that can improve there shooting, but in reality, more reps, proper shooting form, and stance only can improve your shooting percentage.

9. Shoot free throws after practice: Shoot 50 free throws before leaving basketball court. Concentrate on your shooting form, shooting stance and ball rotation. Probably you’ve heard this basketball tips from “Coach Carter”. Surely, it’ll boost your confidence and improve the conversion rate of your free throws.

10. Practice like a game situation: Most importantly don’t stand and shoot. Apply game situation, come off from screens, run and receive, shoot a jumper. It can improve your in game conversion, stamina, and agility.

11. Use return device: Basketball rebounding and return devices can increase the number of shots you can take, rather than chasing all the bad rebounds. Rebounding and passing devices help you to shoot more and concentrate on perfect shooting form.

12. Dominant foot slightly forward: Dominant foot sightly forward will give you great shooting stance and also, triple threat position. You can drive, shoot and, lay-up by just having your strong foot sightly forward.

13. Elbow under ball: When you’re shooting the basketball, the elbow of your shooting arm should be directly under the basketball.

14. Spread your fingers wide: Another important tips on basketball shooting is spreading fingers comfortably on basketball. The closer the fingers are, the less control players will have when they put up a shot.

15. Ball backspin: Backspin is important as it creates a soft shot. When a shot is soft (or has touch), the basketball has more chance of bouncing on the rim and then falling through the hoop.



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