Basketball shooting, follow through, jump shot

Basketball Tips to be like a Pro

Basketball tips to become Pro:

Know the game: Before starting in basketball, you need to understand the rule and regulations of basketball sport. Having a basic knowledge will help you to move fast from beginners to advance.

Warmup your body: Warmup helps your body to get prepare for extreme movements of basketball. Warmup will gradually increase your heart rate and circulation. Warmup will increase the blood flow in the body. Stretch to prevent injuries.

Keep your body in shape: Basketball is an explosive game that involves a lot of speed, change of direction, body contact. Keeping your body in shape is the only way to compete against other good players. Proper diet and nutrition are essential, and some say “Number one tip” to improve your basketball game.

Shooting: “Hold that follow though” this is the one number one tip you’ll hear from coaches. Practice every day; this is the only way you’ll become better at what you do. Keep your elbow straight, and always keep your eye on the basketball rim. You should shoot as you’re going up at least 1 inch before you reach the top of your jump.

Work on your dribble: Make your week hand strong, try to driven-in from left. Do reputation from off-hand more. Make sure to add some variation in your dribbling style: Like crossover, behind the back, passing, in-n-out dribble.

Defensive stance: Keep your feet wide and stay low, shuffle with the offensive player, and don’t try to make body contact while the offensive player in motion. Using multiple defensive techniques in a game will help your team to secure win.

Offensive stance: practice and catch the ball in triple threat position. Triple threat position means you can drive, shoot, or dribble. It’ll keep the defender guessing, and chances are high to draw a defensive foul.

Ball rotation: Ball rotation is essential, don’t dribble too much as it can frustrate your teammate. Rotation helps to find the open man and keep defender guessing. Ball rotation helps basketball team to build trust within teammates.

Diet: Basketball diet is essential. Before following any diet, you need to determine your body type, whether it’s ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph. Take tips from professional dietitians and nutrition.

Watch Videos: Watch online tutorials and videos to improve and have clarity in your mind. There are tonnes of videos available that let you understand the necessary moves to moves used by a professional player.

Practice like game situation: Most of the player won’t be able to play 80 percent of the game that they show in practice, the main cause is not practicing like game situations. To be a clutch player, you’ve to practice in like a game situation.

Basketball shooting, follow through, jump shot

Basketball shooting

Keep Your eyes up: If you play at point guard, it’s essential to keep your eyes up for cutting and free man. Developing better hand-eye coordination will help to pass and dribble without seeing a ball.

Study other good players: Study and understand the mindset of other good players, it helps to understand the movement, defensive and attacking tactics.

Understand your strengths and weakness: Evaluating your strengths and weakness, discuss with coaches and other players your weakness and start working on it, and also polish your strength too.

Develop a free throw routine: Make your free throw routine; it’ll give you confidence in a clutch situation. In a tight game, free throws make a huge difference. The most common types of routines are spinning the basketball to yourself and bouncing three times before shooting.

And don’t forget to have fun.










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