Basketball basic rules

Basketball basic rules: Basketball is a team sport. Each team has 12 payers in their roster and, on-court there will be 5 and other 7 in rotations. The basketball hoop is 10 feet above the ground and the size off the full court is 28 meters long and 15 meters is wide. Basketball rim is […]

Basketball tips to improve your basketball shooting

Top 15 tips to improve your basketball shootings:

Top 15 tips to improve your basketball shootings: 1. Important to have basketball rim sense: To improve your basketball shooting it’s important to know where is rim every time you about to take the shoot. Locating the basketball rim even a slightly before shooting will help to increase your shooting percentage. Develop this habit in […]

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Top Basketball college in the USA (United states of America)

Top Basketball college in the USA (United states of America) Basketball colleges play an important role in student-athlete life. To be part of top basketball college will help the player to realize his dream and, to get drafted in the NBA. Basketball colleges pave the way for the future of players, if not NBA there […]

Breakfast for basketball player

Diet for Basketball Players

Basketball player diet: Playing basketball requires a lot of stamina, durability, physical fitness, and mental wellness to perform at a higher level. Diet plays a vital role in basketball player performance. Having a balanced diet will help basketball players to elevate to a higher level. Choosing food that provides proper nutrition and energy is essential […]

Types of Defense in Basketball

Types of Defense in Basketball: Every championship run starts with a great defense stance. To defense on court, communication is a must. Having a floor journal is important in a crucial situation to keep the basketball team together. A typical team has to change its defensive tactics according to the game situation. Mixing up defensive […]

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Basketball Tips to be like a Pro

Basketball tips to become Pro: Know the game: Before starting in basketball, you need to understand the rule and regulations of basketball sport. Having a basic knowledge will help you to move fast from beginners to advance. Warmup your body: Warmup helps your body to get prepare for extreme movements of basketball. Warmup will gradually […]

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Basketball as a team

All the matter in a basketball game is a W. However, individual players can rise up in a tight situation. But generally, when all the players are performing their roles within the team offense and defense and playing within their own physical attributes then we have a team that is playing smart. Team objective to […]