Pick skills basketball academy is institution where players become changed on and off the court.We help players reach their highest potential,with right training and our years of On-field experiences. All coaches in PICK SKILLS BASKETBALL ACADEMY are with degrees in coaching that are certified on highest level.
In pickskills Basketball Academy, our coaches use a multi-phased teaching approach that focuses on position-specific instruction, player evaluation and a rigorous competition schedule with one goal in mind: to help every player reach their true potential. Our basketball training is based on a solid understanding of the game’s fundamentals. Focusing on the individual player, student-athletes receive a mixture of personalized, position-specific instruction that focuses on technical skill development and guided game-situational play against other players. Our innovative program promotes athletic progression and taps into the expertise of our world-class coaching staff to give our players the chance to train like a champion and compete anywhere.
Team training at pickskills Academy offers teams the perfect opportunity to improve their performance and come together in a unique, ideal setting. Our proven training methods and experience make us the perfect training ground to get you to the next level.
Every month we organize matches to keep track of players. Player will get Individual attention to help them improve their skills and understanding about the game.


Ball-Fake Techniques!
Daily Shooting Instruction!
Ball Handling sessions!
Multiple Passing Skills!
Power Post Moves!
And Much More!


Defending The Ball!
Strength And Conditioning!
Stance And From Techniques!
Full-Court Press Systems!
Rebounding Strategies!
Footwork Exercises!
Weak-side Defense!


Agility Drills!
Shooting Mechanics!
Power Pivot System!
Personalized Report Cards!
Finest Guest Speakers!
Footwork Drills!
And Much More!

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